Add a Google Maps
to Your WordPress Site

How to Add a Google Maps Map to Your WordPress Site with Elementor

Why Add a Google Maps Map to Your WordPress Site?

There are many reasons why you might want to add a Google Maps map to your WordPress site. Perhaps you want to show your location to visitors, or you want to give them directions to your business. Maybe you just want to add a fun, interactive element to your website. Whatever the reason, adding a Google Maps map to your site is easy with Elementor.

How to Add a Google Maps Map to Your WordPress Site with Elementor
Step 1

Sign Up for a Google Maps API Key

Before you can add a Google Maps map to your site, you’ll need to sign up for a Google Maps API key. This is a unique code that allows you to access Google’s mapping services. To get started, first visit the Google Cloud Console and create a new project. Next, once you’ve created your project, click on the “Enable APIs and Services” button and search for “Google Maps API.” Finally, select the API and click “Enable.”

Step 2

Install the Elementor Google Maps Widget

Next, you’ll need to install the Elementor Google Maps widget. This can be done by either downloading the widget from the WordPress plugin repository or by installing it directly from your WordPress dashboard. Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will find the Google Maps widget under the “Widgets” tab in the Elementor editor.

Step 3

Add the Google Maps Widget to Your Page

To add the Google Maps widget to your page, simply drag and drop it onto your canvas. You’ll then be prompted to enter your API key and select your desired map location. You can also customize the map’s appearance by adjusting the zoom level, map type, and marker icon.

Step 4

Customize the Map's Appearance

The Elementor Google Maps widget offers a variety of customization options to help you create a map that fits your brand. You can change the map’s color scheme, add a custom marker icon, and even add a custom map style using the built-in style editor.
Step 5

Publish and Test Your Map

Once you’ve finished customizing your map, hit the “Publish” button to make it live on your site. You can then test your map to make sure it’s working properly and that all the customization options are displayed correctly.

Conclusion of how to Add Google Maps to WordPress

Adding a Google Maps map to your WordPress site with Elementor is easy and allows you to quickly and easily add an interactive, visual element to your site. Whether you want to show your location, give directions, or just add a fun element to your site, the Elementor Google Maps widget makes it easy to do so.